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Traits of 19Edit

  • Happy Number
  • Prime Number

Examples of 19Edit

  • The 19th Amendment to the Constitution gave women the right to vote

  • In the Qur’an, there are 19 angels that guard hell

  • In the Baha’i Faith the calendar is divided into 19 months with 19 days each

  • There is a symbol called the flower of life that has 19 interlocking circles

  • A 19 × 19 board is standard in the game of Go

  • A 19-gun salute is used for deputy heads of state

  • A “19” in cribbage is slang for a worthless hand

  • 19 = 4! – 3! + 2! – 1!

  • The 19th hole in golf refers to the clubhouse bar

  • The periodic table number for potassium

  • 19 is the number of the Sun card in a tarot deck

  • Eclipses of the sun seem to occur in periods of 19 years

  • My dad’s favorite hockey player, Rod Brind’Amour, wore #19

  • The number 19 is a twin prime with the number 17

  • In Bingo, ball 19 is called “Goodbye teens”

  • In Roman numerals: XIX

  • In the Bible, Matthew 19:19 “Honor your father and mother”

  • The 19th president of the U.S. was Rutherford B. Hayes

  • August 19, 1919: Afghanistan gained independence from the U.K.

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